Innovative multi-use prototype combining offshore renewable energy and aquaculture in the Atlantic Basin

AquaWind is a research and innovative project, with the purpose of demonstrating a co-located and multi-use integrated solution. This would entail integrating an innovative approach to finfish aquaculture with an existing maritime renewable energy production Wind to Power prototype.

What we want to achieve

Joint activities for digitalisation

AquaWind will show how the joint activity may be digitalized to be remotely operated in the same marine space with different fish species and how one activity might effect the other.

Road map for MU initiatives

The project will offer a road map for addressing the legal and regulatory challenges necessary for the effective execution of MU initiatives, maximizing benefits, and easing communication with past and existing EU-funded projects.

Real data for coimbined activities

Real data will be provided by AquaWind to show the MU proposal’s economic, environmental, and social viability.

MU technology

Combining Wind to Power (W2Power) prototype with an innovative finfish aquaculture solution.

Meet our Project Partners

The consortium project is made up of 9 partners across different countries in the EU (France, Spain, and Portugal).

Joining Forces for a Greener Future

At AquaWind, we believe that collaboration is key to achieving a more sustainable future. Through this approach, AquaWind hopes to shift the focus away from exclusive resource rights towards the inclusive sharing of resources by one or more uses. This is a fundamental transition that can have far-reaching implications for the sustainability and competitiveness of the EU aquaculture and wind energy production industry.

One of the key goals of AquaWind is to achieve an inclusive process that unites the efforts of a multidisciplinary stakeholder consortium in the Atlantic basin, including R&D facilities, businesses, a regional authority, and a maritime cluster from three EU member states (Spain, France, and Portugal).

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16 hours ago

🐟Yesterday, our AquaWind Project team had the opportunity to be part of the"Professional Sessions of World Aquaculture Day," hosted by our esteemed partners, ECOAQUA in Gran Canaria. We were immersed in insightful discussions on crucial topics such as "Animal Nutrition as the Foundation of Global Aquaculture Sustainability" and "Sustainable Growth of Aquaculture in Islands."🤝 Engaging with local stakeholders was an enriching experience, and now, we're inviting YOU—our valued researchers and scientists—to be a part of our journey!🧐Are you passionate about shaping the future of sustainable aquaculture? Dive into the depths of our progress by participating in our pre-demonstration survey. Your insights matter!👉🏽 Ready to make a splash? Click here:👏Let's work together towards a future where science and sustainability converge for the benefit of our marine resources!#AquaWindEU #SustainableAquaculture #ResearchMatters -Cluster Marítimo de Canarias Consulta Europa ECOAQUA Plataforma Oceánica de Canarias Agencia Canaria de Investigación, Innovación y Sociedad de la Información Fundación Canaria Parque Científico Tecnológico de la ULPGC ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

🌊 AquaWind's pre-demonstration survey has been featured on the media channels of the European Union!A big thank you to Europe for shining a spotlight on our project, aimed at promoting a cutting-edge and sustainable vision in the renewable energy sector. 👉🏽 To find out more and participate in the questionnaire, check out the published article at: participation is essential in shaping the future of clean and sustainable energy. Take the survey and share the news with your friends and colleague#aquawindeui#renewableenergyn#Sustainabilityility ... See MoreSee Less
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3 weeks ago

🌊 Exciting Update from AquaWind Project! 🌊Last week, AquaWind Coordinator Agencia Canaria de Investigación, Innovación y Sociedad de la Información and project partners from ULPGC and Ener Ocean Distribution met at the Las Palmas harbor for a technical inspection of the W2Power prototype.ULPGC and ACIISI researchers are now working on the set-up and testing of the developed aquaculture system to be later integrated into the prototype for offshore pilot trials. 🤿🔬Stay tuned for more updates as we chart new waters in the quest for cleaner, greener energy! 💡🌐#aquawindproject #SustainableInnovation #cleanenergyfuture ... See MoreSee Less
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3 weeks ago

🔵 AquaWind Update: We're thrilled to have been part of the prestigious Offshore Wind Congress (II CONGRESO EÓLICO MARINO 2023) in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on 7-8 November 2023!✅Our partner Cluster Marítimo de Canariasarias), has co-organised the second edition of this event. The goal? To strengthen Spain's position as a cutting-edge technological and industrial hub, reaffirming our nation's leadership in offshore wind technology development.💡Thanks to oAgencia Canaria de Investigación, Innovación y Sociedad de la Información la Información and fEner Ocean Distributionan DisPLOCANion and PLOCAN for being with us every step of the way! Together, we're making waves in the AquaWind project, driving innovation, and contributing to a sustainable future. 🌐 Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to make strides in the world of offshore wind energy! Vis#aquawindeuw#CineA#renewableenergyN#innovationl#sustainabilityleadershipaAEEolicayLeadership AEEolica ... See MoreSee Less
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4 weeks ago

🔵 Are you a researcher or a scientist? Your expertise is needed!🤝 Your valuable insights are crucial to amplify the impact of our recently conducted pre-demo survey for researchers and the scientific communities.🗓 The survey eagerly awaits your contributions from October 2023 to January 31, 2024.📊 Start your survey journey here:🌐 experience will be the foundation of groundbreaking advancements! 🌟 #aquawindproject #navaliameeting #innovation #Sustainability #maritimeindustry #windenergy #aquaculture #collaboration#CINEA_EU #eu_mare Agencia Canaria de I+D+i Consulta Europa FCPCT ULPGC PLOCAN Clúster Marítimo Canarias ... See MoreSee Less
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2 months ago

🔵Seeking your input!🤝 Your participation is vital in amplifying the impact of our newly developed pre-demonstration survey.🗓 The survey welcomes your input from October 2023 to January 31st, 2024.📊 Begin your survey journey here:🌐 ... See MoreSee Less
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2 months ago

📩 AquaWind 2nd newsletter is outJoin us as we dive deep into the project's progress, events and recent results!👉 ... See MoreSee Less
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2 months ago

💥 New funding alert – BESTLIFE2030!🔵The BESTLIFE2030 Funding Programme is on the verge of launching its first call for proposals, seeking locally driven, impactful projects for biodiversity conservation in the Azores, Madeira, and the Canary Islands.🗓️Opening of the call: October 31, 2023.👉 Interested in submitting a project proposal?📧bestlife2030@consulta-europa.comRead more at and stay tuned for the call guidelines and the application form templates.-💥 Nueva alerta de financiamiento – BESTLIFE2030🔵El Programa de Financiamiento BESTLIFE2030 está a punto de lanzar su primera convocatoria de propuestas, en busca de proyectos impactantes impulsados localmente para la conservación de la biodiversidad en las Azores, Madeira y las Islas Canarias.🗓️Apertura de la convocatoria: 31 de octubre de 2023.👉 ¿Interesado en presentar una propuesta de proyecto?📧bestlife2030@consulta-europa.comLee más en y mantente atento a las directrices de la convocatoria y a los modelos de formulario de solicitud.#BESTLIFE2030 #FundingOpportunity #BiodiversityConservation #Azores #Madeira #CanaryIslands #CallForProposals#NatureConservation #LocalImpact #FundingAlert #ApplyNowUniversidade dos Açores Plataforma Oceánica de Canarias InUAc Governo da Madeira Cluster Marítimo de Canarias Fundación Ataretaco ... See MoreSee Less
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