The project

Aquawind is a European project, co-funded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund, which aims to achieve a practical demonstration of a multi-use (MU) integrated solution to offshore renewable energy developments. This will consist of joining an existing marine renewable energy production Wind to Power (W2Power) prototype with an innovative finfish aquaculture solution. The W2Power is a floating wind technology, while the aquaculture prototype will include a tailor-made design fish cage with novel net materials, high level of digitalization and species diversification. Through its actions, AquaWind satisfies the goal of bringing about a fundamental shift away from the idea of exclusive resource rights and toward the inclusive sharing of resources by one or more uses. In fact, the project’s goal is to create and implement an inclusive process including all relevant parties, including representatives from the corporate sector, academics, regional, national, and European authorities, and civil society. In this regard, AquaWind concentrates on specific recommendations made for MU projects that were expressly recommended by the European Commission in its guidelines for a more sustainable and competitive EU aquaculture for the years 2021 to 2030. AquaWind is set up in this way as a Flagship project to serve as a template for the Atlantic Basin.

Our goals

In the Atlantic region, AquaWind will conduct a demonstration test that combines maritime energy production with live fish aquaculture. AquaWind unites the efforts of a multidisciplinary stakeholder consortium in the Atlantic basin, including R&D facilities, businesses, a regional authority, and a maritime cluster from three EU member states (Spain, France, and Portugal).

Main goals:

  • AquaWind will involve a wide network of stakeholders throughout all the project phases to ensure social acceptance. The project will provide a route map for regulatory and legal issues that need to be addressed for real implementation of MU projects, taking advantages, and facilitating interaction with previous and ongoing EU funded projects.
  • AquaWind will demonstrate how the joint activity can be digitised to be remotely operated in the same maritime space with different fish species and how one activity might affect the other, before going one step further to becoming the new W2Power prototype in a commercial solution.
  • AquaWind will provide real data to demonstrate the economic, environmental, and social sustainability of the MU proposal: providing a business model case and exploitation plan to evaluate the cost reduction of commissioning, maintenance and operation of the combined activity.

Work Packages


Setting legal and social conditions

Leader: PLOCAN
Duration: Sep 2022 - Aug 2025

This WP is meant to address the challenges regarding legal, health and safety aspects, as well as outline the base for social acceptance through stakeholder engagement.


W2Power prototype upgrade procedures and designs and harbourside works

Leader: EnerOcean
Duration: Sep 2022 - Feb 2024

This WP aims to demonstrate at pilot scale the feasibility of the MU offshore renewable energy prototype, dealing mainly with the technological planification and development of the W2Power prototype.


Aquaculture system: design and harbourside aquaculture trials

Leader: ULPGC
Duration: Sept 2022 - Feb 2024

This WP is intended to complement the MU design of the AquaWind project with the structural development of the aquaculture system and the environmental requirements.


Pilot demonstration stage at offshore test site; monitoring and O&M; environmental impact

Duration: Mar 2024 - Aug 2025

This WP aims to guarantee the execution of all the trials related to the enactment of the technology, from the performance and technical aspects to the environmental ones.


Exploitation: business plans, sustainability plans and knowledge transfer & IP

Leader: PLOCAN
Duration: Sep 2022 - Aug 2025

This WP includes the development of business, exploitation, commercialisation and job-planification to asset the future of the project beyond the pilot stage. Together with developing partnerships and managing IP.


Project coordination and management

Duration: Sep 2022 - Aug 2025

This WP is meant to guide the coordination and management of both internal and external work flows, the use of resources and the project data. Also, the communication between the partners and the EU is coordinated by this WP’s Leader.


Dissemination and communication, RRI and public engagement

Leader: CE
Duration: Sep 2022- Aug 2025

This WP aims to disseminate and transfer the outputs and results of all AquaWind activities to its key stakeholders, to foster a Responsible Research and Innovation approach as well as gender equality.