Innovative multi-use prototype combining offshore renewable energy and aquaculture in the Atlantic Basin

AquaWind is a research and innovative project, with the purpose of demonstrating a co-located and multi-use integrated solution. This would entail integrating an innovative approach to finfish aquaculture with an existing maritime renewable energy production Wind to Power prototype.

What we want to achieve

Joint activities for digitalisation

AquaWind will show how the joint activity may be digitalized to be remotely operated in the same marine space with different fish species and how one activity might effect the other.

Road map for MU initiatives

The project will offer a road map for addressing the legal and regulatory challenges necessary for the effective execution of MU initiatives, maximizing benefits, and easing communication with past and existing EU-funded projects.

Real data for coimbined activities

Real data will be provided by AquaWind to show the MU proposal’s economic, environmental, and social viability.

MU technology

Combining Wind to Power (W2Power) prototype with an innovative finfish aquaculture solution.

Meet our Project Partners

The consortium project is made up of 9 partners across different countries in the EU (France, Spain, and Portugal).

Joining Forces for a Greener Future

At AquaWind, we believe that collaboration is key to achieving a more sustainable future. Through this approach, AquaWind hopes to shift the focus away from exclusive resource rights towards the inclusive sharing of resources by one or more uses. This is a fundamental transition that can have far-reaching implications for the sustainability and competitiveness of the EU aquaculture and wind energy production industry.

One of the key goals of AquaWind is to achieve an inclusive process that unites the efforts of a multidisciplinary stakeholder consortium in the Atlantic basin, including R&D facilities, businesses, a regional authority, and a maritime cluster from three EU member states (Spain, France, and Portugal).

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💡Stay up-to-date with the AQUAWIND Project!🐟Read now the Clean Energy Newsletter by CINEA: #renewableenergy #cleanpower #renewableenergy #aquaculture #sustainability #collaboration #innovation #maritimeenergy #euprojects ... See MoreSee Less
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AquaWind has reached its first year of project! ✔💥👉Find out more about our technical activities! 🌐Check our latest website’s news here: ... See MoreSee Less
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👀 Are you curious about what drives our groundbreaking project? 🎥 Check out our new video and discover the core of Aquawind where science, technology and environmental stewardship converge to create a sustainable ecosystem and responsible resource management 💡 ... See MoreSee Less
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🔵We're thrilled to announcePlanaser 2.0r 2.0 Final Conference, which is set to take place on October 5th, 2023. As you may know, PLANASER is one of our sister project that has been diligently working towards the cultivation of Seriola in Spain, and their efforts have been nothing short of remarkable.📌The conference will feature presentations and discussions on the results achieved and key learnings from PLANASER's groundbreaking work.💡The best part? You can join in from wherever you are, as the event will be offered in a hybrid format.👀Ready to be a part of this enriching experience? Don't miss out on the chance to explore the advancements in Seriola cultivation and sustainable practices. 🔬🌏🔗For more details and to make sure to register through the official event link: ... See MoreSee Less
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|PLAN DE SEGURIDAD Y SALUD - AQUAWIND|🔹 Desarrollamos un Plan de Seguridad y Salud con las mejores prácticas para instalar, operar y mantener la plataforma multiuso Aquawind en nuestro banco de ensayos. 🔹 Como coordinador en las tareas de Prevención de Riesgos Laborales, nos aseguramos de que todas las actividades se ejecuten bajo un marco de seguridad y respeto por las personas y el medio ambiente. 🔹 AquaWind es un prototipo innovador multiuso que combina energía eólica offshore y acuicultura para lograr sistemas autónomos y eficientes.#ICTSNews #PLOCAN #AquaWind #aquaculture #offshore #windenergy #multiplesolution #CINEA #multiuse #renewableenergy #W2Power #prototype #floatingwindtechnology #Atlanticregion #EMFAF ... See MoreSee Less
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|PROYECTO AQUAWIND|▪ El carácter innovador de los ensayos que se realizan en las infraestructuras que ofrece #PLOCAN sirve para impulsar el desarrollo de la normativa y regulación necesaria para afrontar los desafíos futuros en ocupación del espacio marino. Un ejemplo de ello es AquaWind. ▪ Con este proyecto se probará la compatibilidad sostenible de una plataforma multiuso conformada por un aerogenerador marino flotante con una jaula de acuicultura acoplada y se tratará de optimizar sus resultados. ▪ Por este motivo trabajamos con las administraciones públicas, para buscar un marco normativo en el que regularizar los ensayos.#ICTSNews #AquaWind #aquaculture #offshore #windenergy #multiplesolution #multiuse #renewableenergy #floatingwindtechnology #CanaryIslands #MaritimeSpatialPlanning ... See MoreSee Less
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🌐The Canary Islands Maritime Cluster is a regional non-profit association promoting the development and international competitiveness of the Canary Islands Maritime Sector. 🐠 It is mainly involved in WP1 of the project, flanking PLOCAN in the tasks dedicated to stakeholder engagement. 🫂ℹ️ Get to know our consortium: #aquawind #aquaculture #technology #innovation #w2power ... See MoreSee Less
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