At the European Ocean Days, AquaWind presents a visionary approach to integrating aquaculture and renewable energy.

At the recently concluded European Ocean Days, AquaWind, a pioneering research and innovation project, caused a sensation with its innovative presentation. At the event on March 6, AquaWind showcased its vision for transforming marine technology.

AquaWind stated at the event that its aim was to showcase an integrated, co-located, multi-purpose solution co-funded by the EMFAF programme. Its main objective is the seamless integration of fish aquaculture with the new renewable marine energy production model, W2Power.

The poster also presented the AquaWind roadmap, outlining the regulatory and technical challenges associated with the realisation of multi-use initiatives. In addition, the project aims to assess the economic, environmental, and social benefits of implementing integrated solutions, which could lead to the sustainable development of marine industries.

The European Ocean Days, held in 2024, were a perfect opportunity for AquaWind to showcase its innovative concept. This week’s event focused on European maritime issues, including the EU Oceans and Waters Mission, future priorities for European seas in the Asia-Pacific Mediterranean Sea (PiceAS), blue innovation, investment opportunities, and ocean literacy activities. The poster was precisely displayed by AquaWind during its event under the theme “Where is the future of the sea in Europe?” this year.

AquaWind’s participation emphasised its dedication to creating new opportunities for Europe’s oceans. AquaWind’s innovative approach to integrating aquaculture and renewable energy is poised to have a significant impact on shaping the future of the marine industry.