The AquaWind project organises a webinar on Multipurpose Ocean Platform Demonstrator Pilots

The AquaWind project, in collaboration with the EU project FLORA (FLOating RAdar), has organised a webinar on 20 June from 10:30 – 12:00 (CEST) focusing on Multipurpose Ocean Platform Demonstrators. This event will highlight multi-use ocean projects and market opportunities related to joint uses of the marine environment in the European Union.

The webinar will focus on sharing first-hand experiences on both technological and non-technological challenges and opportunities faced by these innovative projects.


1. Introduction. CINEA – European Commission

2. Discover the FLORA solution. WEDGE GLOBAL

3. Browse the challenges and results of the last 24 months. WEDGE GLOBAL

4. Learn from the perspectives of the AquaWind project PLOCAN & CONSULTA EUROPA

5. Roadmap to the real world: unveiling market opportunities. LAMINAK ENERGY

6. Customer stories: real impact and perspectives. ECOWENDE WIND PARK

This event represents an essential platform to learn about developments and challenges in the field of multi-purpose ocean platforms. It also provides valuable insight into emerging market opportunities in the EU.

If you don’t want to miss it, don’t hesitate to register by clicking here.