AquaWind joins the Miniferias de Ciencia y Innovación de Canarias en 2024

Last 10 May, the event of the Miniferias de la Ciencia y la Innovación en Canarias 2024, organised by the Consejería de Universidades, Ciencia e Innovación y Cultura del Gobierno de Canarias, the AquaWind project has collaborated with various entities and organisms, organised by the Ayuntamiento de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the Espacio Juvenil La Grada, LPA Juventud, and with the collaboration of other important entities. Students and families have had the opportunity to explore the marine ecosystems of the Canary Islands, which has allowed cooperation between science and technology to increase environmental awareness.

The initiative ‘RViaje inmersivo a nuestro ecosistema marino’ has been a great success due to the use of technologies such as virtual reality and AR, which have allowed participants to understand the crucial importance of marine conservation.

Attendees have had the opportunity to experience first-hand the threats facing the oceans, from capture in fishing nets to pollution, using these tools. In addition, research teams at the Canary Islands centres used virtual reality to showcase their scientific work in this area.

AquaWind’s collaboration in this Miniferia has increased the educational challenges and suggested adventures, while fostering teamwork and environmental awareness.

This unique experience has highlighted the importance of working together in teams from different disciplines to protect and preserve our marine ecosystems.