EC Launches Consultation for Energy Transition Partnership in EU Fisheries and Aquaculture Sector

The European Commission is taking a significant step towards advancing sustainable practices in the EU fisheries and aquaculture sector with the launch of a comprehensive consultation process. This initiative is part of the broader Energy Transition Partnership (ETP) introduced by the European Commission on 21st February 2023, as a key element of the Fisheries and Oceans Package.

The Energy Transition Partnership aims to foster collaboration among a diverse range of stakeholders, including fishers, aquaculture producers, ancillary activities sectors, processing industries, fishing port authorities, shipbuilders, gear manufacturers, NGOs, research organizations, financial institutes, energy and maritime transport sectors, relevant EU agencies, and national and regional public authorities.

On 16th June 2023, Commissioner for the Environment, Oceans, and Fisheries, Virginijus Sinkevičius, marked a pivotal moment by launching the process to establish the Energy Transition Partnership alongside representatives from these sectors. The launch event initiated discussions on crucial topics that will be at the forefront of the partnership’s agenda.

At its core, the Energy Transition Partnership serves as a robust multi-stakeholder platform, intended to facilitate knowledge exchange, collaborative discussions, and cooperative efforts toward accelerating the energy transition. The partnership focuses on key factors such as finance, skills, technology, and research to drive the adoption of sustainable practices throughout the EU fisheries and aquaculture sector.

To solicit vital input from stakeholders, the European Commission has opened a consultation seeking their insights on several critical aspects:

  1. Preferred Modus Operandi: Stakeholders are encouraged to voice their preferences regarding the operational framework of the Energy Transition Partnership.
  2. Identifying Barriers: The consultation seeks to identify key obstacles hindering the energy transition within the fisheries and aquaculture sector.
  3. Key Discussion Topics: Stakeholders are invited to propose the key subjects and themes to be addressed under the partnership’s purview.

The results garnered from this consultation, coupled with insights from panel discussions during an upcoming conference, will play a pivotal role in shaping the charter that officially establishes the Energy Transition Partnership. It is essential to note that the partnership’s initiatives and deliverables are intended to be non-legally binding and will be driven by the voluntary engagement of stakeholders.

Stakeholders endorsing the charter will be actively involved in workshops, consultations, and other collaborative activities centered around specific energy transition topics within the sector. This inclusive approach, designed to bring about sustainable change, is set to commence in Autumn 2023.

For those eager to contribute to the advancement of the energy transition within the EU fisheries and aquaculture sector, the consultation can be accessed via the following link: Energy Transition Partnership Consultation.

The European Commission’s resolute commitment to sustainable practices in the fisheries and aquaculture sector is poised to reshape the industry’s landscape, paving the way for a greener and more sustainable future.