AquaWind meets its sister project FLORA

On 1st June 2023, the AquaWind consortium has met the EU FLORA project.

Along with AquaWind, FLORA is one of the sister projects co-funded by the European Maritime & Fisheries Fund (EMFAF) under the Call for proposals “EMFAF-2021-PIA-FLAGSHIP – Flagship projects promoting a sustainable Blue Economy through regional maritime cooperation in the Atlantic”.

The AquaWind – FLORA joint event was organised in a hybrid format to allow the participation of most partner organisations from both projects. Several representatives of the two consortia have met face-to-face today in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. This event has been the first meeting of the two projects setting the path for future collaborations.

The aim was to get to know each project’s activities and discuss potential synergies and knowledge-exchange in terms of both technical and dissemination actions in the upcoming months. The agenda of the event can be consulted here.

Similar to AquaWind, FLORA is a research and innovation project pursuing a multi-purpose approach for the promotion of sustainable blue economy.

Specifically, FLORA aims to optimise and validate a prototype of a novel multi-use platform: a 10 kW self-energising, multi-sensing ocean station capable of producing an Annual Energy Production of 25MWh to power its oceanographic data services. The FLORA system, like the AquaWind W2Power prototype, will be tested in Gran Canaria in real-sea conditions during several months.

More information on the FLORA project can be consulted on its official website available at this link.