Offshore wind power and fishing sector conference in the Canary Islands

On the 25th of October, a conference organized by the The Maritime Cluster of the Canary Islands (Clúster Marítimo de Canarias, CMC) and the Coastal Action Group of Gran Canaria (Grupo de Acción Costera de Gran Canaria, GAC Gran Canaria) took place at Parque Científico-Tecnológico of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to analyse the impact of wind energy in the Canary Islands and its compatibility with other uses such as artisanal and recreational fishing. The event saw the participation of José Antonio Valbuena Alonso, Councillor for Ecological Transition, Fight against Climate Change and Territorial Planning; and Tomás Romagosa, Technical Director of the Wind Energy Business Association.

Among the impact assessments of wind energy analysed during the conference, particular attention was given to the “Sustainable development of renewable energies in the Canary Islands. Environmental impacts, compatibility with other existing uses in the territory and research and development“. In this section of the event, the impact of offshore wind energy and potential conflicts with other uses (artisanal and recreational fishing, tourism, etc.) was analysed by several university experts, specialists and NGO representatives.

The event therefore represented the opportunity to present the AquaWind project, and its objective to support the development and assimilation of multi-use solutions between marine renewable energies and other blue economy activities (namely, aquaculture), as well as to contribute to the Atlantic Maritime Strategy’s priority of developing marine renewable energies and, more generally, the sustainable expansion of the Blue Economy in the Atlantic Basin.

For more information on the event, please visit the CMC website at: https://lnkd.in/dS-RDFaH