AquaWind at Offshore Wind Congress, Strengthening Spain’s Technological Hub

In a significant stride towards advancing offshore wind technology, AquaWind proudly participated in the prestigious Offshore Wind Congress, held in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on 7-8th November 2023. The event aimed to bolster Spain’s standing as a cutting-edge technological and industrial hub in the field of offshore wind development.

The event was co-organised by CMC, AquaWind’s project partner, showcasing the organisation’s dedication to fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing within this emerging industry in the Canary Islands and beyond.  

The AquaWind Coordinator and consortium partners Enerocean and PLOCAN were present in this second edition of the congress and were able to showcase the progress and outcomes so far achieved with the multi-use W2Power prototype combining offshore energy and aquaculture.