2023 Barometer of Blue Economy Activity in the Canary Islands by CETECIMA

CETECIMA (marine science technology centre) has published the data on the Blue Economy in the Canary Islands as they have done every year.

On this occasion, they thought it was important to diversify the series of publications on the Blue Economy in the Canary Islands with the Blue Economy Barometer in the Canary Islands 2023, a lighter and easier to read edition that focuses on the updating of 45 activity indicators, their geographical distribution, and their evolution over time during the period 2000-2021 in the Canary Islands. In this way, the Blue Economy Activity Report in the Canary Islands will be published every two years, and in the intermediate years, such as 2023, they will publish this summarised version which is also made available to the sector and the administrations in charge, and to those aimed at improving the competitiveness of SMEs, through technological modernisation, innovation, and the intelligent specialisation of the territory.

As it is shown in the document, regarding to the evolution of the blue sectors of reference 2021, the document visualises an increase in activity after the COVID pandemic with an increase in all sectors in comparison with 2020, and even with increases higher than the values of 2019 prior to the pandemic in consolidated sectors in the regional economy such as the port sector, and more specifically in container traffic, nautical tourism, or emerging sectors such as the production of algae for marine biotechnology. Barometer of Blue Economy Activity in the Canary Islands 2023 (in Spanish):