Exploring Breakthroughs: Progress on the Multi-use Platform

The ultimate aim of our project is to test and assess the feasibility of the AquaWind multi-use platform combining offshore energy and aquaculture in a series of real-environment demonstration trials. The technology will be tested first in the harbour and then on waters, in a test site situated on the east coast of Gran Canaria with a water depth of approx. 50-60 m.

With this purpose in mind, during the first year of the project, our consortium has been busy in advancing the regulation pathway for the R&I pilots and the upgrades of the platform. Legal and regulatory permissions to regional and national authorities have been sought, and this experience will be key to set-up as a roadmap for future similar multi-use projects.

When it comes to the W2Power technology, partners closely collaborated to improve the load case designs, wind energy & electric subsystems and the mooring system to connect the W2Power prototype with the aquaculture part.

At the same time, an innovative aquaculture cage and a cage net have been designed and recently manufactured, ready to be installed and tested at the harbour. To achieve this important milestone, the consortium has collaborated with several providers from the aquaculture industry such as ELIMAT and Boegger. The next months will be crucial to finalise all technical activities for a successful testing on waters. Keep following us for more existing news!