Spain will receive €1.12 billion from the EMFAF 2021-2027

Following the adoption of the Partnership Agreement 2021-2027 with Spain, the Commission has adopted the European Maritime, Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund (EMFAF) programme for Spain, to implement the EU common fisheries policy (CFP) and EU policy priorities outlined in the European Green Deal. The total financial allocation for the Spanish programme 2021-2027 is €1.57 billion, of which the EU contribution accounts for €1.12 billion. 41.1% of the programme allocation will be dedicated to sustainable fisheries, 35.5% will be invested in sustainable aquaculture and in processing and marketing, 9.4% will be dedicated to sustainable blue economy in coastal regions, 5.2% will be invested in support of the Canary Islands fisheries and aquaculture sectors, and 3.2% will be invested in the strengthening of international ocean governance, all contributing to the EU’s environmental and climate objectives.